• Daniel Weaver

    UX / Visual Designer & Digital Marketer

    “I design interfaces and customer experiences for the web and digital products. Currently based in Sheffield, UK”

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I’m a UX / Visual Designer & Digital Marketer living in Sheffield, UK. I studied at Sheffield Hallam, and have a varied background in all kinds of digital media.

It’s my passion to make beautiful and streamlined websites and apps that are fun, friendly, easy to use. I help you understand your users, and how they interact with your business. I turn the mundane and everyday into products that are a joy to use.

I’m also really good at Digital Marketing



I research, create and apply user profiles and user journeys to everything I build. I find out what features or copy may confuse your users. Then I help you make the changes you need.


Wireframes create a quick and flexible outline of a project quickly, allowing for very quick adaptions to be made. An animated prototype quickly builds on the interactions a customer has with your product.


Prototypes allow you to see pixel perfect solutions and ideas before they are coded. In some cases, this is used to display interactive features and interactions.


Good design is a creative solution to a content based problem. I’m not a designer who designs things for the sake of making them pretty.


  • ‘The range of abilities Daniel possesses became obvious to me and I couldn’t wait to start working together. Since then I have used Dan again and again. The relationship we’ve developed is one of my greatest assets and he probably doesn’t know just how valuable his services are to me professionally and the companies he has had a hand in helping me to establish.’

    Nathan Gordon
    Rationale Productions C.I.C. General Manager
  • Dan’s motion graphics work is excellent. His ability to understand what I needed on a relatively short timescale is nothing short of brilliant. His foresight to understand technically my requirements before even producing the goods is testament to his expertise in this area. I’ll be using Dan again for future motion graphics work without a doubt.

    Jamie Rae
    Creative Director and Owner of RedScar
  • “Daniel has received praise from the Heads of Service at Sheffield City Council, Arts Council England, Crime Stoppers UK and Tramlines Events Ltd just to mention a few. In a nutshell, I have watched Daniel and I have the utmost confidence in the work he creates. I would not hesitate recommending his services to others.”

    Nathan Gordon
    Rationale Productions C.I.C. General Manager
  • “Dan is at the top of his game, an incredible talent. His knowledge of design, programming, development and story-boarding is outstanding. Dan also has a firm understanding of the needs of the client and takes great care and attention throughout the project working closely with the client. I have worked with Dan several times now and I can confidently say that he is one of the most talented individuals I know.”

    Jon Cooper
    Freelance Composer & ‘Turtle’

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