Rationale Productions came to me with a very specific set of goals which they wanted to fulfill. They wanted a flashy new website to act as the hub of everything that they do. A portfolio, a blog, some bios and a place to interact with all their fans. I created them a website which uses no flash and brings in all of these elements. It becomes the center of their social networking world too. I also set them up an interface which allows them to update their own website at no additional cost to them. They can submit blog posts, events and shows all from a frontend editor. Each member has their own login and profile which is linked to via the blog posts they write.

Visitor interaction is of upmost importance, as Rationale have a number of social networking accounts and groups that they post to. What I decided would be great for Rationale, would be a single button on the site that subscribes a user to everything that Rationale is doing on their Social Networking accounts. When a user hits that subscribe button, they are subscribed to the Rationale Facebook group. The group in turn is set up so that all of their activity goes through the Facebook feed. This includes YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. A neat, simple fix for a potentially messy problem.

The visual cues of the site come from just talking to the members of Rationale. The site has a sense of urban professionalism, but is very grown up with sleek gradients and dark textures. I wanted a sense of determination to come across to viewers of the site. So what was my main source of inspiration for this website? Well this music video actually…

[youtube width=”500″ height=”405″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fhMC9zrUaI[/youtube]

But enough talking about the site, you should go over there and check it out